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What the tannoy should have said

October 11, 2005

We regret to inform you that, due to years of chronic underfunding and shameful mismanagement, there will be significant delays on your journey home this evening. When the train does finally turn up it will be overcrowded and hot, and you may well feel ill within moments of boarding. If you do faint, don't worry […]

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Bag pernicketiness

October 6, 2005

So I gave up on the delusion that I would ever be one of those women who need carry no more than a tiny little handbag, the sort that fit a purse and lipstick and perhaps a single, dainty housekey. My keys alone wouldn't fit in one of those things. Where the hell would I […]

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October 4, 2005

Well, clothes at least. No shelves for the books so they will stay in boxes. I do still rather feel that I've not yet left my yurt behind, though. There are pieces of the puzzle still left to find and put in place before I shake the feelings of temporariness. Whether that's just eight years […]

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October 3, 2005

After two years untouched in my parents' loft, only two strings were out of tune on my Takamine. How's that for quality? Pity my callouses *ouch* didn't last *ouch* so *ouch* well. Gonna take me a while to build them back up again and relearn all I've forgotten. *ouchouchouch*

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T'internet be right buggered

August 1, 2005

For reasons currently unclear, our internet connection is completely b0rked. It just died this afternoon, so I am reduced to using the Treo. This means no email, IM, or IRC and makes working nigh on impossible. Grrrr. I could so have lived without this. UPDATE: At last, it's back. Phew.

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Campaign for publicly accessible power points

June 7, 2005

So here I am, sitting on the plane, waiting for takeoff. No power points so no laptop once the battery is gone. No publicly accessible power points in the terminal that I could find, although I know there is one in TGI Friday's but I didn't fancy eating breakfast there. We should start a campaign […]

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D'oh the technology, part the third

May 20, 2005

Nifty widgets that connect to the internet are only of use as a time killing device when there is an actual signal for them to connect to the internet over. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that there is, in fact, virtually no signal whatsoever available for the duration of the […]

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The connected life

May 13, 2005

Sitting on the steps of Eros at Piccadilly Circus with all the tourists and pigeons, waiting for a friend to arrive. Elliott Smith whispers to me, 'There's nothing wrong that wasn't wrong before'. The cool air is a relief after the stuffiness of the Underground. Blogging from the Treo feels completely different to blogging on […]

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It's ok, thanks, I don't need a suitcase

July 2, 2004

I think I can fit everything in the bags under my eyes.

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Ha ha ha!!

May 14, 2004

Piers Morgan sacked. Ha! About time too!

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