Thank you for Amelie

December 3, 2006

Earlier in the year, someone, somewhere bought the Amelie DVD for me, from my Amazon wish list. I don't know who you are, but thank you. Because I hadn't changed my address on Amazon, the DVD went to my parents' house in Dorset, and arrived whilst they were in Australia. My brother forwarded it on, […]

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Hallam Foe

October 9, 2006

One of the hardest parts of the film making process, as any aspiring scriptwriter will tell you, is describing your film to people who haven't seen it. When I was a regular on Zoetrope, we'd frequently have discussions about writing the logline (a one or two sentence description) and pitch (one or two paragraphs) for […]

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Hot Fuzz are go!

January 4, 2006

Thanks to everyone who, before Christmas, sent me the news that Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's new movie, Hot Fuzz, has been greenlighted by Working Title. The movie, which will star Pegg and Shaun cohort/real-life best mate, Nick Frost as two mismatched cops who team up in a West Country backwater, has been mooted for […]

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Heckled by experts

November 22, 2005

The Movie Show is up. Cam does his own show notes, but all you need to know is that I get heckled a lot, provide a piss-poor review of MirrorMask, which goes along the lines of 'it's beautiful, you should watch it', get heckled a bit more, talk about Dead Man, to the tune of […]

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I don't want to be a waiter!

November 6, 2005

Some films are easy to sum up in a sentence. I always describe my script as 'Buffy meets Highlander in Reading', which neatly encapsulates the fantasy sword-weilding twisted suburban nature of the story and generally results in people saying 'Aaaah. I seeeee' in that knowing way that means they've never watched Buffy, can't remember Highlander […]

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Seven words

July 16, 2005

All children should be aware of these seven words. (Thanks Nat.)

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Movie Show #11 – Zombie Special

July 5, 2005

Movie Show #11 is up – me and Cam chatting about Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later. Go download!

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It's online: Nothing Travels Faster Than Bad News

June 2, 2005

So, you've seen the trailer, you've read the (admittedly crap) blog, now at last you can watch the film! Nothing Travels Faster Than Bad News is finally available online for your delight and delectation. It's about 125 meg, in WMV format, and available as a bit torrent (note: there are other bit.torrent clients available). You […]

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The whole Nick Frost: From El Diablo to Kinky Boots

April 30, 2005

Last week, I was chuffed as a small horse to be given the opportunity to talk to Nick Frost for The Podcast Network's Movie Show, and finally the interview is available for your delectation. Apologies for the slightly crappy sound quality, especially to begin with – Skype was playing us up something chronic. To ameliorate […]

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Danger! 50,000 Nick Frosts!

April 26, 2005

You may remember that last year I showed a little bit of interest in a British zombie flick called Shaun of the Dead, so it probably won't surprise you to hear that when my mates Ewan and Cameron asked me if I wanted to help them interview Nick Frost for The Podcast Network's Movie Show […]

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See! I'm not the only one!

March 14, 2005

Constantine is XFM's Film of the Month, so I'm not the only one who thought it wasn't completely pants. Only a matter of days now before I get to go see it again and see how it stands up to a second viewing.

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I love this trailer and I want its babies

March 8, 2005

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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At last, the reason why movie execs are such cynical bastards

March 6, 2005

Just read a few of the posts on Query Letters I Love, and suddenly all will become clear. If you had to do this for a living, how would you resist the desire to poke your own eyes out? (Thanks Maciej.)

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Constantine. A lesson in devious bastardry

February 25, 2005

John Constantine: Hellblazer. Tall, blond Brit with an attitude you could strike matches off. My first comicbook antihero crush. Keanu Reeves: Actor. Not so tall, not so blond American with an attitude that confuses people. My secret, shameful crush. On the face of it, the latter is not a good match to portray the former, […]

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How awake am I?

February 23, 2005

Very awake. Very, very awake. But that's ok, cos then I get to watch the latest A-ha video, er, I mean, the trailer for A Scanner Darkly, and way cool it is too. It uses the rotoscope technique to turn live action into animation, so what you see is an uncomfortable cross between reality and […]

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