EuroFOO: Chocolate

September 24, 2006

Last weekend I went to Brussels to take part in EuroFOO, a two day event held by O'Reilly to get together a diverse set of people so that cool and constructive conversations can happen. I have been publishing most of my notes over on Strange Attractor, but somehow it would seem wrong to publish these […]

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d.Construct: Lost! (And hopefully found?)

September 9, 2006

Like an idiot, I left my MacBook charger at the Corn Exchange in Brighton yesterday at d.Construct. If anyone picked it up, can you please email me? UPDATE: I've been told that my charger was indeed found, and handed in. I shall ring the Corn Exchange tomorrow to see what I need to do next. […]

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Consumption of unreasonable quantities of vodka

August 22, 2006

I'm in San Francisco next week, and on Friday I am planning to go the Nova Bar at 555 2nd Street, to drink ludicrously large amounts of vodka. If you want to come, it's on Upcoming. See you there! If anyone else wants to meet up pop me an email to the usual address.

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Going to San Francisco

July 7, 2006

I'm off to San Francisco at the end of August to attend the O'Reilly FooCamp – a weekend camp for geeks. I'm really looking forward to hanging out with some cool people, and getting to see San Francisco again. Due to peculiarities of flights, I'm going to be in town for a week and a […]

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"Neil Gaiman's our Patron! Squeee!"

January 30, 2006

Was the headline that I chose not to run with in today's Open Rights Group press release, despite the fact that's pretty much how I felt about it. If you're a regular reader of either my or Neil's blog, you will of course already know that Neil's our Patron, but it's nice to finally fess […]

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Second Open Rights Group networking evening

January 29, 2006

The second Open Rights Group, featuring ubergeek Cory Doctorow, is set for the evening of Tuesday 7 Feb 2006. Don't let Hollywood hijack your rights Cory Doctorow American entertainment companies say they're fighting piracy, but they're going at it by punishing the innocent to get at the guilty. A pan-European digital television restrictions proposal will […]

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November 21, 2005

And no, I don't mean the pretty-boy chick-stealing Trojan but the great and beautiful capital of France, where I shall be for Les Blogs 2, where I am going to be telling Marc Canter and Hugh McLeod to shut the fuck up so that Anina can get a word in edgeways to talk about socialising […]

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Invitation to attend 'Digital Rights in the UK: Your Rights, Your Issues’

November 16, 2005

The emergence of new communications technologies has radically changed the civil rights landscape in our society. Privacy, intellectual property, and access to knowledge are just some of the areas where digital rights are being eroded by government and big business. The Open Rights Group (ORG) would like to invite you to an evening of digital […]

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Almost over

October 18, 2005

BlogOn 2005 is almost over. My talk went ok, I think, although I think maybe the pigeons went over people's heads. Pun intended. No apologies. I hope that the video will be put up online, and you can judge for yourself. Have one last round-up panel to do, then it's all over. I've had a […]

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BlogOn 2005

October 17, 2005

Ok, so I'm here at the Copa Copacabana, MC-ing the BlogOn 2005 Social Media Summit. I managed to get through my introduction without falling on my arse, freezing or swearing, so I am pretty happy that it's all going well here. Didn't feel at all nervous until I was actually there, ready to go on […]

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Northern Voice 2

October 15, 2005

At last, a moment where I'm not expected to be doing something else for someone else (hm, actually, that's a lie. I have my talk for Tuesday to write still, and notes to make for the intros to each session at BlogOn, but it's another 4 hours 17 minutes before my laptop battery dies, which […]

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Unheard of

October 15, 2005

Well, it's 9.30am, and to be honest, if I hadn't slowed myself right down to a crawl, I would have been ready to leave for Heathrow half an hour ago. Instead, I put some make-up on (a waste of time as it'll all be off again before I get even as far as the Mid-Atlantic […]

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September 15, 2005

Got half my chapter written today. 1800 words. Could have been more – I'd been hoping to finish the first draft in one fell swoop – but I was feeling rather ropey this afternoon and found it hard to focus. With any luck, I'll polish off this draft tomorrow and then can let it sit […]

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In which I have to deal with that fan/star thing again

August 26, 2005

Neil Gaiman's coming to the UK. There will be signings. Which means there may well be queueings. And nerves. Maybe vomiting. Hopefully not. I nearly threw up on Martin Carr's feet once, but that was an unfortunate combination of nerves and food poisoning. At least, that's the story I've maintained for the last decade and […]

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BarCamp video

August 25, 2005

Excellent short (55 mb) about BarCamp by Dorrian Porter. Really good film. Love it!

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