Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Hi there,

Today is Ada Lovelace Day and I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work, so this newsletter is another short one. Back to normal next week though!

Suw’s news 1: Thank you for submitting your script!

Despite the vast amounts of prep required for Ada Lovelace Day, I managed to rewrite my pilot script and add in my B and C stories just in time to submit an application to the 2023 Channel 4 screenwriting course. There are only twelve places available, and they must get thousands of scripts, so my chances are low. They’ve said that if applicants don’t hear by 20 December, then we’re to assume we’ve not got in, so for the sake of managing expectations I’m going to skip straight to that assumption and not bother passing Go.

I’m getting quite good at assuming I’ll get a rejection, actually. So far, I’ve been right 100% of the time!

Suw’s news 2: Does that light… look a little greenish to you?

I’ve been working with a couple of friends on an idea for a short film that I’m really excited about. I’m going to spend some time this winter doing background interviews and working up the best ideas into a script. And, quite excitingly, it looks like we’ve secured a little funding!

This is the bit where I have to confess that I feel really quite uncomfortable talking about something that isn’t totally, completely and immovably nailed to the floor. I’ve always felt that talking about projects in their infancy is the kiss of death, because they would invariably fall over and then I’d look either gullible or delusional.

But there’s another way to view this: Whilst much of what we try, especially creatively, does not work out, there are always lessons to be learnt. And sharing our efforts, not just our successes, is an important way to learn about what works, what does not, and what part luck plays in all this.

So I’m swallowing my nerves and I’m going to talk about this project in more detail as we get going.

Obligatory cat picture

With the cooler nights come cuddlier cats. We’ve been snuggling under our fleecy blanket on the sofa with Grabbity and Copurrnicus, who have been curling up quite contentedly. Such scenes don’t often last long because Copurrnicus gets jealous and chase Grabbity off, but the other night they were both happy to share for the entire evening.

Right, that’s it for now! I look forward to getting back to my regular routine next week and getting this newsletter back up to steam!

All the best,


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