February 2013

Progress is being made on the final draft of Queen of the May, so it’s time for me to start thinking about the Kickstarter project for the physical book. Just like with Argleton, I want to produce hand-bound copies of Queen of the May with a variety of options for cover material. And, as usual, I want to produce some extras for different reward levels.

There are so many things I could offer, but I’d like to keep the extras down to manageable levels of complexity, so I thought that I would ask you, my potential Kickstarter backer, what interests you. Mostly the items are self explanatory but a few need elucidation:

  • Laser-cut bookmark – I’m not sure what material this would use, as I need to do a bit more research. But I’d pick something lovely.
  • Bookplate – This would be a single bookplate commissioned from Andy English, most likely.
  • Illustration print – This would be an unframed print of an illustration for the book, such as the frontispiece or if the project takes off enough that I can commission other illustrations, those as well.
  • Book slipcase – Probably hand-made by me, unless it proved very popular, to perfectly fit your copy of Queen of the May
  • Figurine – A long shot this one, but if the project raised enough money, I’d look at getting key character made into figurines.
  • Badge – or ‘pin’ as they are known in America 😉

So please tick the box for every reward type that you would genuinely be interested in receiving. And if you have other ideas that you think I should consider, then let me know using the ‘other’ option. And feel free to leave comments below, too!


Thanks to everyone who voted. I closed the poll with 100 votes, as that seemed like a nice tidy place to stop. The five most popular choices were:

  • Leather bookmark
  • Laser cut bookmark
  • Book slipcase
  • Bookplate
  • Illustration print

So those will now go forward to the pricing stage. I’ll add options for ‘name in a future story’ and ‘dedication’ because they don’t need pricing and are easy to fulfil, and even though there wasn’t huge demand for them they will be limited by nature so they don’t need mass interest.

The full bar chart for all options is below. The two ‘other’ suggestions were ‘special ebook version’ and ‘cotton badge’.

QotM Poll Results

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