August 2011

Want to read Argleton?

by Suw on August 28, 2011

Well, now you can! You can from that page download html, txt or PDF versions, or just read it here on CnV. It’s published under a Creative Commons licence, so feel free to share!

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by Suw on August 19, 2011

I’m almost too tired to write this, in fact, I am too tired to write this, but I’m going to write it anyway, even if I don’t quite know where it’s going.

The last couple of months have been particularly intense and I feel like I am very much out of brain. Firstly, I finally finished the physical part of Argleton. I got all the book bound, wrapped, packaged and sent out. Phew! (And then some). I still have stuff to do for Argleton. There’s a geogame, the publicly available Creative Commons’d version, blog posts with photos, and other stuff still do to. But everyone who pledged their support now has their book and their PDF. Thank you all – without you, Argleton wouldn’t have happened in quite the same way.

I’ve also taken on a commitment to write for, the Indian news site that Kevin and I helped launch earlier in the year. My title is Consulting Editor, Tech, and I’m writing daily. I will confess that it’s hard work. Unlike Kevin, who’s their Writer At Large, I’ve normally written features and taken my time in doing so. Writing substantive pieces daily is really melting my brain, but it’s good discipline and it will, in due course, fund my writing.

However, before I reach the utopia of writing tech pieces in the morning and features in the afternoon, I need to whip Ada Lovelace Day into shape. We’re working with Evectors and their Pages platform to create a new directory of women in tech, based on the women who have written for ALD or have been written about. We’re also putting together an event. More on that later, but because I’ve had my head in Argleton and then First Post for the last couple of months, I feel very much behind on ALD and have a lot of catching up to do.

I’m also doing some bookbinding courses. Did a great beginners course with Falkiners, and am doing a leather binding course on Monday/Tuesday next week. I’ve discovered that I love making books almost more than I love writing and reading them. I’m looking forward to becoming just a bit more knowledgable about bookbinding.

Add to that a few other things that are bubbling along here, and I pretty much feel like my brain has gone on vacation without me. I’m sill there though. And still hoping things ease up soon.

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