Gone to press

by Suw on April 20, 2011

Today, Argleton passed probably the biggest milestone in the project ahead of mailing everything out: it went to press. I’ve been talking with Oldacres in Hatton Garden for the last few months, figuring out with them all the fine details of the job, such as what paper to use, whether to perfect bind or sew and glue (the latter), what paper to use for the covers and the endpapers, and whether it should be laminated (yes). It’s taken quite a while to get to a point where I’m absolutely happy, not least because I had to do a number tests with the endpapers to see how they behaved when pasted. Our first choice wrinkled something horrible, but the latest looks awesome!

I thought I’d feel more nervous at this point, because giving the go-ahead for printing is quite a big step. It’s 700 quid’s worth of paper and ink and effort and there’s no room for getting it wrong. But in all honesty, I am ready, even eager, for this step to be taken. I thought I would have had this done before Christmas, but my first printer didn’t really have the experience I needed. Oldacres have taken great care of me and have been incredibly patient, which I really appreciate. I think it’s been a learning curve for both of us.

Of course, we have a whole load of bank holidays coming up which, combined with their lead time, means that I won’t get my box of books and book blocks delivered until mid-May. That’s ok. In the meantime, I have to finish all the sewing for the silk covers, sort out the geogame, get all the electronic copies sorted out, and finish up all the admin. I’ve got my packaging ordered, and I know how I will be presenting the books, so that’s another weight off my mind.

That’s not to say that once the books arrive, all I have to do is send them out… Oh no. I will have some 60 copies to bind, plus spares, which keep me busy for for a moment or two. I’ll have to work out some sort of one-person production line, because I don’t have room to have 60 books drying simultaneously. Once I get a rhythm going, though, I reckon I can motor through them fairly quickly.

One thing I promise, though: My next project will be simpler. Much, much simpler!

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