A question of balance

by Suw on March 10, 2009

I managed to cram in a bit of writing last night, much to my delight. I’ve had very little opportunity to write recently, and with a house move on the cards, it’s going to get harder to find the time to write. But I managed and even though I only got 570 words down, it was 570 more than I had when I started, and that make me happy.

I also spent some time looking at the outline of my novella in Scrivener, trying to figure out how best to order the scenes. Some of them have an obvious linear order, but others are back story and need to be positioned within the main timeline for best effect. It was then that I realised I now have more backstory than I have story. This means quite a bit more work. It won’t be enough just to flesh out existing scenes, I’m actually going to have to come up with more meat to go into the pot.

I’m quite happy though. I’ve already had a think about where I can elaborate and make things more interesting, but it does mean that chances of me getting this novella done any time soon are slim. Oh well, I may post another scene here for you to chew on in a little while.

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