Craters on the moon driving me quietly mad

by Suw on November 17, 2008

Years ago, possibly during the late 90s or early 2000s, there was a project to identify craters on the Moon. There was a website that displayed a fairly good photo and you drew a red circle around each crater you could see. When you saved the image, you were served another. It was, in fact, remarkably like Galaxy Zoo is now.

I can’t remember much more about it, other than that it seemed to complete very quickly. Does anyone else remember this project and know who ran it? I had been assuming it was NASA, but it could have been anyone. I’ve been trying to find information about this project, for curiosity’s sake, for most of the last couple of years and my epic fail is driving me nuts. Now I need to know for work, and it’s still driving me nuts.


UPDATE: Thanks to Rob Myers, I have discovered that it was Mars, not the Moon, and that it was the Mars Clickworkers project, now available only on the Internet Archive.

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