February 2008

Lost cat reunited with owner

by Suw on February 10, 2008

I’m both delighted and sad to report that we have united Foggle – real name Orlando – with his owner. I’d put a flyer in the local shop and Orlando’s owner had put flyers up near where she lives, and an anonymous person had seen both my flyer and her flyer and had put two and two together. This anonymous person texted me with Orlando’s owner’s number, and also gave my number to her, and yesterday afternoon we managed to get in touch.

Orlando’s owner only lives just across the road, so she came straight over with his cat box to take him home. She was really lovely, just like her cat, and we had a bit of a chat. Apparently I was right to think that he had some Siamese in him – his miaow gives that away. He also has a half-sister (same mother, different father), who has been pining for him. He went missing on Monday, so when I saw him Tuesday I was right to think he was looking distressed and lost (I nearly took him in there and then, actually, and now wish I had – we might have had a speedier resolution to it all).

It was so nice to be able to reunite Orlando with his owner. I was so pleased – I know how awful it is when your cat goes missing, and I know how much I’d worry about my kitties if they didn’t come home at night. On the other hand, I fell in love with him pretty much immediately. He is such a gorgeous cat, with a fabulous personality, something which I think comes from having a caring owner, which she clearly is. He would snuggle up with me all day on the sofa as I worked, follow me around the flat wherever I went, and curl up on the bed with Kevin and I when we went to sleep.

Even though we only had Orlando for three days, I do miss him something awful. So I’m both sad and happy. Sad he’s gone, happy that he’s gone home to someone who clearly adores him.

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Lost cat found

by Suw on February 7, 2008

Late last night, I heard a very loud miaowing from outside. Fearing it was a cat in trouble, we went outside and there was a ginger tom (less his stabilisers), looking very lost. I saw him the day before yesterday too, meowing loudly further up the road, and looking distressed. Our road is a really busy major road, and very very dangerous to kitties, so we took him in.

Kev ran down to the corner shop and got some cat food and litter, and we improvised a litter tray out of one of the lids of the recycling boxes. Poor kitty was really hungry, and although he’s a little bit thin, he’s in very good condition. He has an old injury to his toe which seems to be healing fine, but he does have a bit of a sneeze.

Today I’m going to ring the local vets, flyer the neighbourhood and generally ask around. Someone somewhere is likely very worried that their lovely kitty is missing. He’s so beautiful, and very, very friendly. Last night he snuggled up to us, although he did let that fog-horn miaow of his get a bit out of hand, so we didn’t get much sleep. But that did inspire a temporary name for him – Foggle.

Much as I adore him, I do hope we can find his real owners soon.

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CBDE special guests announced

by Suw on February 6, 2008

A little unashamed pimping and cross-posting… 😉

Over the last few months I’ve working hard on the Creative Business in the Digital Era research project (hence my quietude here), which is examining the way in which businesses are using open intellectual property as a central pillar of their business model.

The project culminates in three free seminars in central London during March – a full day on 17th March, and two evening seminars on 18th/19th (with roughly the same content in each) – during which we’ll talk about what we’ve discovered about open IP businesses, and talk to people who are actually giving stuff away whilst also making money from it. We’ve managed to recruit three fabulous guest speakers:

Monday 17 March
Tom Reynolds, blogger, ambulance technician and author of Blood, Sweat and Tea, published under Creative Commons licence and in paper by The Friday Project.
John Buckman, entrepreneur, musician and founder of CC music label Magnatune.

Tuesday 18 March (evening)
– Tom Reynolds graces our presence again.

Wednesday 19 March (evening)
David Bausola, the creative mind behind interactive online comedy Where are the Jonses?

The seminar is aimed at people within the creative industry – e.g. music, publishing, film, TV, radio, visual arts, photography – and from any size of company, whether they are freelances or a C-level exec. The course materials are all being prepped out in the open, under CC licence.

As mentioned, the seminar is free to attend – if you are interested, all you need to do is to fill in our application form.

If you’re interested yourself, please do apply! If you have a blog, podcast or Twitter account and would like to mention our seminar, please do. And if you know of anyone who might be interested in coming, feel free to tell them about it.

Our deadline for applications is 15th February, so apply now!

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