Lost cat found

by Suw on February 7, 2008

Late last night, I heard a very loud miaowing from outside. Fearing it was a cat in trouble, we went outside and there was a ginger tom (less his stabilisers), looking very lost. I saw him the day before yesterday too, meowing loudly further up the road, and looking distressed. Our road is a really busy major road, and very very dangerous to kitties, so we took him in.

Kev ran down to the corner shop and got some cat food and litter, and we improvised a litter tray out of one of the lids of the recycling boxes. Poor kitty was really hungry, and although he’s a little bit thin, he’s in very good condition. He has an old injury to his toe which seems to be healing fine, but he does have a bit of a sneeze.

Today I’m going to ring the local vets, flyer the neighbourhood and generally ask around. Someone somewhere is likely very worried that their lovely kitty is missing. He’s so beautiful, and very, very friendly. Last night he snuggled up to us, although he did let that fog-horn miaow of his get a bit out of hand, so we didn’t get much sleep. But that did inspire a temporary name for him – Foggle.

Much as I adore him, I do hope we can find his real owners soon.

omykiss February 10, 2008 at 9:51 am

lucky kitty .. i can handle cats outside … but animals belong in the great outdoors … i couldn’t have them inside !

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