Midnight roadworks

by Suw on January 23, 2008

Kevin and I are both getting progressively more and more exhausted as we burn the candle at both ends, trying to get the wedding sorted, and get all the work done that we must before the Big Day. Getting a full night’s sleep – preferably eight or nine hours – is essential, but difficult.

Last night, it was all but impossible. I saw a huge transport lorry lurking outside mid-evening, and started to worry a bit. By 9pm, they had everything unloaded, and proceeded to dig up the road. They had jackhammers, and one of those machines that tears up the tarmac. The noise could be heard from our bedroom, even with all doors shut. The bass rumble just cuts through the walls like a hot knife through butter.

Kevin and I had wanted an early night, so we were in bed by 10pm, reading. I was hoping the roadworks would be done by 11pm, but no… instead, our downstairs neighbour put on some music with what I believe is termed “thumping bass”. Great. Thankfully that didn’t last too long, but it set my teeth on edge.

We carried on reading til 11.20pm, and I took a Nytol because I knew I’d never get to sleep without one. Midnight came, roadworks still going. I eventually drifted off, but woke up again at 1.30am… roadworks still going. Pound pound pound. Thump thump thump. 2am, still going. 3am, not entirely sure. Hard to separate pounding outside from pounding in my head. 3.30am, I think it’s still going. 4am, ok, now it’s quiet. 6.30am, central heating turns on, radiator sounds like Niagara Falls.


I do not understand why they have to do really loud and noisy roadworks in a residential area through the night. It’s absurd and stupid. And I’m knackered. I’m desperately hoping that they don’t come back tonight, because that would just be intolerable.

I think I’m going to need a nap this afternoon, just to get through the day.

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