Is it Friday?

by Suw on June 23, 2007

Yes, I do believe it is. That means my mad week of conferences is over. The last two days have gone very quickly, and I've managed not to really get jetlag, although I did quite spectacularly run out of energy at 10pm last night, as if someone had just pulled the plug.
I'll leave the conference round-ups for later, but it really was lovely to see lots of old friends, and to meet lots of new people. That's what I like about conferences – not the sessions to much as the bits in between.
I've got the weekend off now, to chill out and do a bit of shopping. Then next week is pretty crammed full of meetings, which is just how I wanted it. I could likely have stayed another week and managed to do even more meetings, but you have to put a limit on these things.
It's funny how quickly I settle into being in San Francisco. I think overall I must have spent about nine weeks here in the last two and a bit years, which is enough time to start to feel at home here. I understand at least sections of the transport system, can navigate my way round bits of the city, and quite a bit of it I know well enough for it to look familiar when I see it. It's a nice feeling.
Of course, I'm staying with my friend Maciej, as I always do, and it doesn't seem like ten minutes since I was here last. I know all the lumps in the spare sofabed, know where the nearest source of English chocolate and Mexican Coke is, and know how to use the washing machine.
This time, though, I find myself missing my T'Other dreadfully. Of course, I missed him last year too, when I came to FooCamp (which is actually happening this weekend, but I'm not invited – that's fine, I'd rather they invited new people than the same old people all the time), but somehow this year it's worse. Whilst I am loving it here, I really can't wait to be home.
Although, as soon as I get home, Kev buggers off to Kuala Lumpur. Lucky git.

Anonymous June 25, 2007 at 2:08 am

Tips for recovering from jet-lag:
1) Don't take naps, even if you really really want to.
2) Force yourself to obey your current timezone when it comes to eating
3) Bright lights help you stay awake when you're tired

Anonymous June 25, 2007 at 7:20 pm

I pretty much do that already, but it's not quite enough to ensure freedom from jetlag although it does minimise the symptoms. I've been told that melatonin works well, although I”ve heard differing reports from people I've met or know. My parents swear by some homeopathic remedy, but that totally didn't work for me. Guess we'll see how it goes.

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