New bookshelves make for a happy Suw

by Suw on May 12, 2007

I will admit that the flat has really been getting me down lately. It's very easy for such a small space to descend into untidiness very quickly when you've got too much stuff that doesn't have a specific place to live. And of course, working from home doesn't help matters – you just end up with heaps of papers on every available surface.
At last, today, we bit the bullet and bought a set of shelves with two drawers, and Kevin spent all afternoon putting them together whilst I provided him with essential advice from the couch. They are now standing proudly on the only bit of wall that was free, and are full of books and DVDs. The flat is much tidier, and will be even more so once we've finished sorting out all the random piles of crap that have accumulated.
It makes me very happy to have a proper bookshelf for my books. I should imagine it makes them very happy too.

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