Friday, December 22, 2006

Good news about the phone

by Suw on December 22, 2006

I had a message last night that Carphone Warehouse have accepted my claim and that I can go into any branch and pick up my replacement Nokia E61. Yay!! Very pleased about that (although I'll be more pleased when I actually have it in my hands – tend to be a little wary of getting to excited about such things til they have come to pass).
Because I need my insurance certificate, and because that's in Dorset, I have to wait until Saturday, but with any luck I will have a new E61 very soon. The speed and efficiency with which Carphone Warehouse have dealt with this has been excellent.
I also had calls from the police this morning asking for more details. I now have a case number, but I suspect that will be the end of the matter. They were very nice and polite, though, so it was nice talking to them.

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