So much for a quiet day

by Suw on November 27, 2006

Jeeze, but it's been a mad day. I had thought that today would be a nice quiet day – land at Gatwick at 10am, potter home, repack my bags and then mosey down to Waterloo to catch the train to Bournemouth.
How wrong can you be? The madness started almost as soon as I got off the plane, with a leak about the Gowers Review: they will be recommending that the government not extend the term of copyright protection on sound recordings in the UK. Nice victory, that. If it's true. We couldn't get Gowers or the Treasury to confirm, but had to write a press release anyway.
Then Sky News phoned up wanting to talk about a story that was on the front page of the Times, that the government are thinking of doing a sort of Minority Report pre-crime database, where they would track people who they suspect are the criminal sort. That's wrong on so many levels. So I suddenly had to switch gear, tidy the flat, make myself look presentable and then do a 5 minute interview, which they will undoubtedly cut down (and right so – I rambled a bit. It will have been on already, so sorry if you missed it.
Then I had to finish up packing, ditch the two pieces of toast I never got to eat and get in a taxi to Waterloo. I'm now on a train heading for Bournemouth where I should arrive i I think about an hour.
I haven't had a proper meal for at least 24 hours (plane meals were vile), and only snatches of sleep here and there. I did have two seats to myself on the plane over, but was right underneath an air vent, and that air was cold! It's hard to sleep on planes, and I think the longest nap I managed was 40 mins or so before something woke me up again.
I don't feel too jetlagged now, but I suspect that as soon as I get home I will collapse like a souffl?© in a cupboard, as Eddie Izzard used to say. Or was it flan? Still, the next few days holds few appointment for me, so I will be doing my best to sleep and relax and get over the jetlag.
I think I may have forgotten my phone charger. And I know I didn't have time to water the three croci that are hopefully growing in a box in the loft. I suspect I may have forgotten other things too, but we'll find those out in due course.
Meantime, I've had another idea for a web app which is a lot simpler than the one I was pursuing, so I might try to get that one going first. I have my books with me, and intend to spend some time geeking out with them. Just as soon as my brain has recovered enough to geek at all. Which might take some time.
I also promise to blog more. Honest.

Anonymous November 28, 2006 at 10:45 am

Welcome home Suw and congratulations to you and the rest of the ORG team on a fab job on the Gowers report. We've sucessfully moved the debate out from the industry and into the public domain (pun intended!)
Now get some rest for some fresh copyfighting next year!

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