by Suw on September 24, 2006

Second Life + Google Mars = Second Life on Mars?
I'm disappointed that when I go to full zoom on Mars, I'm not faced with an angry hoard of Martians the way that if I go to full zoom on the Moon I'm faced with cheese.
I once had to write an essay, which I seem to remember did count towards my degree, proving that the Moon was not made of cheese. We were only allowed to use observational evidence. I flunked it.
I also remember holding a piece of real Moon rock, and looking at thin sections of it down a microscope. It blew me away, completely. Moon rock is compositionally similar to some rocks found on Earth, yet there's no weathering so the crystals within the rock are in pristine condition. It's just amazing. Really beautiful. And to have had the honour of actually being able to hold a piece of Moon rock astonishes me still.
If only the conspiracy theorists had geology degrees, they'd understand that that rock is not replicable here on Earth at all.
Kevin actually met Buzz Aldrin once whilst doing a piece for the BBC for the 25th anniversary of the Moon landing. They had a bit of a chat, and Kevin says he was a really nice guy, a proper 1950s test pilot kinda guy. Cool!
I, on the other hand, have spent about two hours trying to lynch Mark Shuttleworth (the world's first space tourist) during a game of Werewolf. I don't think we really need to compare notes any further.

Anonymous September 25, 2006 at 9:31 pm

An lunar astronaut (James Irwin) once gave Monday morning assembly at my school in Glasgow in the early 80's. He had some moon rock too. I remember at the time feeling moderately interested in it all. Presented with the same opportunity today I'd be intensely interested. Just shows, education's wasted on the young.

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