Slowing down

by Suw on May 23, 2006

Ok, so I'm back from Xtech and Amsterdam, and glad to be home with my T'Other.
It was a lot of fun being at Xtech – lots of hanging out with geeks and talking about things that are generally outside of my normal realm of experience. I like. I like having my brain stretched a bit. I tried in a few sessions not to take notes, but I seem to have developed a bit of a pathological need to take notes when at conferences, because if I don't write it down, then I don't hear it. They're all on Strange Attractor if you're interested.
So now I'm trying to wind down a bit, and get stuff done. It's all well and good having three weeks of conferences, but it doesn't lead to a shorter to-do list. (Or a smaller laundry pile.) We have a weekend completely clear this weekend, and I am jealously guarding it. Last weekend wasn't quite as relaxing as I would have hoped. Saturday was nice, but Sunday we had Copyfighters and I had a migraine and spent the late afternoon and much of the evening in bed, wishing someone would amputate my head in order to get rid of the pain.
Anyway, maybe I'll have more time to blog now that I'm not spending my time sitting in airports.

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