If it's commuter time it's blogging time

by Suw on October 12, 2005

Seems the only time I get to blog these days is on the journey home. Fifteen minute wait now til the next train so fifteen minutes to stand and write meaningless drivel on the Treo for your delight and delectation.
Almost entirely unprepared for my trip to New York on Saturday. Haven't packed, found my stash of dollars left over from San Francisco, written my talk for Tuesday (although I do know that it will involve pigeons, in hommage to Hammersley), or made any significant arrangements other than the bare essentials such as how I am getting there and where I'll be staying.
If you are in NY and want to meet up on 20 or 21 Oct, email me. I'll be coming home on the 22.
Hmm… I can say 'home' now and it nearly feels accurate. Finally starting to settle in although still haven't been shopping yet so still no food in.
On balance, and despite yesterday's rant, the tediousness of commuting is outweighed by the benefits of contact with real, living, breathing human beings. I'm enjoying having my part-time consultancy teaching people to use Socialtext. It's kinda cool when you show people how this stuff works and see their eyes light up as they realise how useful it's going to be.
The Open Rights Group is going well too. Lots of great responses from the people I am meeting. I'm looking forward to really getting stuck into it when I get back from NYC – so much to do, and so many people to meet and talk to and convince of our place in the digital rights ecosystem. Plus lots of research to do, which will be great.
And, of course, BlogOn is fast approaching. I haven't blogged about it much because by the time I've finished working for the day the last thing I've felt like doing is blogging about it. But I've just finished a string of conference calls with our speakers and that has got me really excited. We have some really cool people coming, and I am so looking forward to meeting them all, particularly as some are people I've known online for a while but never met. So can't wait for Monday, although equally Wednesday will be nice too.
Have tickets for Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's film, Mirrormask, and tickets to the Chihuly glass exhibition at Kew, both of which I am looking forward to for slightly different reasons. RSA IP Charter launch tomorrow, followed by the geek dinner for Tim O'Reilly.
At this point it looks like November could be described as quite quiet, but I'm betting that won't last. Like the proverbial fridge, my diary seems to fill itself to brimming without me actually doing anything.
So now you know as much as I do, although I'm not quite sure why you would want to.

Anonymous October 13, 2005 at 5:37 am

Ooh, you're gonna be in NY? I'm in NJ, but it'd be worth going into NY to be able to meet you in person … but then, I'm just a nobody, so I'm sure you're going to be sieged by many other people who actually need to meet with you while you're State-side.
Enjoy your travel; hope everything goes smoothly and safely.

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