There goes my lie-in

by Suw on October 3, 2005

I was so looking forward to lounging around in bed on Wednesday morning, as I have nowhere I need to be until 4pm, and then again (far more importantly as vodka is involved) at 5.30pm. An easy morning, I thought, unpacking stuff.
But no… New bunch of urgent things to do for one of my clients means I'll be up and into the office if not early, then certainly not late. Them's the breaks, eh?
Now, I know it might not necessarily seem like it from the blog, but I am actually rather enjoying myself at the moment. It's mad busy, yes. Stressful, yes, what with not having the internet at home and all. And yes, I am slightly wild-eyed still, but all in all things are good. I'm a happy bunny. I'm a happy bunny who was on national radio, ffs! And, as my plans slowly appear to be coming together, set to get happier still.

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