by Suw on August 18, 2005

Maybe it's just the egotist in me, but it's interesting to watch how my own blog ebbs and flows, the way that certain topics cycle, coming to prominence one month and then fading away into the background noise again. I spent a while posting some quite personal stuff, then after a whole didn't feel like talking about myself so much anymore and turned more towards a linkloggish style.
Now I am involved in putting together this new British digital rights organisation and things are coming together nicely, but we still have a way to go before we can launch. I've already started working on the sorts of stuff I'll be doing when we 'go live', as you've probably noticed. Telltale signs include big braindumps of information that spew forth as I get my head round the stuff we'll be dealing with.
So, focus changes again. We don't have our digital rights blog going yet, and probably won't for a while, so I'm Furling and braindumping here instead. I guess, though, that if you've been here a while you probably are used to my fickleness, and my egotism. If you're new, and have found this through your search for 'ugliest dog ever' after seeing the photograph in The Sun, or wherever, then I'm delighted to now have the opportunity to introduce you to the world of digital rights activism. Please stick around.
This is not to say I now eschew personal posts or linkloggery. In fact, I may just start a search for the ugliest cat ever. Or maybe the ugliest hamster ever. Ugly animals seem to be quite a draw, it seems.
Hmm, maybe that's a tactic. If we can embroil Sam the Ugliest Dog Ever in some sort of copyright infringement scandal we could kill two birds with one stone.
Meantime, and in other news, I'm Producer of BlogOn 2005 this year. And I can honestly say that I never realised how much hard work – or how much email – organising a conference takes. You think that it's just a matter of sitting about in the pub, having a few beers and coming up with a list of cool people to speak, but getting a good schedule together is more like sitting about in the pub, having a few neat vodkas, then allowing someone to pull your teeth out with pliers. Still, it's shaping up nicely. Thank fuck.
I'm sure there was something else I wanted to blog about… Meh. It'll come to me.

Anonymous August 18, 2005 at 6:49 pm

Find the ugliest dog ever if you must, but if it is called Sam please change its name.
Best wishes
“Oh, I've got a dog called…” Sam

Anonymous August 19, 2005 at 3:41 am

honestly, conferences are easier after your 4th or 5th one, it just starts getting normal.

Anonymous August 19, 2005 at 9:13 pm

Oh, BlogOn 2005 is in NYC? Finally, an event that's close enough for me to attend — I'm in NJ.
Of course, I can't really justify getting my employer to pay the $1,095 registration, and I can't really see paying for it out of my own pocket. I mean, it's pretty much $500 a day — yow.
Maybe I can stand around outside and ask for a miracle ticket. If nothing else, I'll get to brush with lots of greatness as they pass by and enter the event. 🙂

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