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by Suw on August 14, 2005

I totally forgot that I was interviewed for today's Observer – a bit about blogging and public sector workers. They didn't actually have one in the corner shop, so I ended up with a Times. Actually, I must have remembered on some level that I wanted an Observer because I normally never buy papers anyway. If anyone has a copy that they don't mind scanning for me, or letting me have, I'd be grateful.
UPDATE: Oh wait, don't worry. It's just a one line quote. I spent all that time on the phone for this:

Suw Charman, a seasoned blogger, said the difference between writing a blog and keeping a diary is that you can attain enormous levels of intimacy without giving away your identity. 'Blogs give you a window into a life you would never otherwise see.'

Hm. Not sure that the bit that's not in quotes is quite what I said, and certainly not what I meant. The difference between diaries and blogs was that diaries generally aren't written for public consumption, but even anonymous blogs are written knowing (or hoping) that someone is reading and that that gives you, as a reader or blogger, an enormous feeling of intimacy (as opposed to voyeurism, which is what you'd get from reading someone's private diary).
The bit that is in quotes is fine, though.
It must be weird for journalists to find out that their interviewees answer back now.

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