Mighty Mouse… but I'd prefer a hamster

by Suw on August 5, 2005

I have to admit, I like the look of Apple's new Mighty Mouse:

Innovative Scroll Ball and Button
Perfectly positioned to roll smoothly under just one finger, Mighty Mouse's Scroll Ball offers full 360-degree scrolling capability — up/down, left/right and diagonally. You can scroll long web pages, pan full-size images, maneuver around large spreadsheets, control a video timeline and more. And you can even click the Scroll Ball to access your favorite Tiger features such as Dashboard, Spotlight or Exposé.
Touch-Sensitive Top Shell
It looks and feels like a sleek one-button mouse, but Mighty Mouse's smooth top shell hides a powerful secret: touch-sensitive technology under the shell detects which part of the mouse you're clicking, so you can both left-click and right-click. And if you prefer the simplicity of a classic one-button mouse, Mighty Mouse is up to the task. Just use the Mac OS X Tiger system preference panel to configure it how you want.
Force-Sensing Side Buttons
When you give Mighty Mouse a squeeze, force sensors on either side can be configured to activate Tiger features such as Dashboard, Exposé or a whole host of other customizable features.

I'd be smitten by the thing, if only it wasn't a USB-tailed mouse. If it was a Bluetooth driven hamster, I'd be up to the Apple store like a shot, but as it is… nah, I don't want another cord attached to my iBook, cheers.

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