On the job front

by Suw on September 24, 2003

I sent my CV off to another eight agencies today, one of which actually had a job for me to apply for – a web project manager position in Leeds which would do me quite nicely. So fingers crossed.

I am, however, a teensy bit worried – most of the agents I’ve spoken to have told me that the new media market’s still rather sluggish and that they’re not getting in many jobs in the cities I want to move to. I’m not really surprised by this, but it’s rather disheartening nevertheless.

So, I’m thinking about resurrecting my career (if that’s not too strong a term to describe it) as a journalist. I’ve been looking at a short online course that I might do just to get me back into the swing of it. Not that I think my writing needs that much brushing up, as I’ve been writing professionally almost constantly for the last three or four years, one way or another. No, what I really need to get my head round is how to actually sell my work and get the money in.

When I was a freelance music journalist, I managed to get work from three rags, including the Melody Maker, but I never got quite enough money in to pay the bills. I started to double as a photographer whenever I could so that helped (although the Maker never did return my pics of Pulp, the bastards). But the music press seemed like a closed shop to me – you needed to be in the clique to get in the clique and I quite definitely was not.

However, what I’m thinking of now is not to pitch right back into the deep end again of having to earn enough to pay rent and stuff, but just to get a few bits and piece here and there to tide me over until I get a permanent job. Should it develop into something more solid than that, then all’s well and good, but I’d be happy to just to dip my toe in the water see what bites.

Although I wouldn’t go back to music journalism again, not even if they paid me.

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