Ooh, my head…

by Suw on September 21, 2003

I hate having migraines. They really suck, and not just because they make my head hurt, but becuase they're such a bloody great waste of time. Lying there in a darkened room hoping that the aura (that's the little flashy lights you see when a migraine's coming on, in case you don't know) will past without the headache starting. Then lying there in a darkened room hoping that the headache will pass without the nausea starting. Then just hoping that you'll be lucky and sleep through it.

I did sleep for much of this afternoon, but I'm left with the tail end of a headache and a really unpleasant numbness to my face that may take several days to go away.

What a waste of time, though. I was gonna write some more, but I didn't even get the chance to get started. Maybe this evening I will.

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