Persistence will win through where talent falls short

by Suw on September 15, 2003

What better to start your Monday, and your week, than with a job search. I really hope that this doesn’t set the tone for the week, otherwise I’m in for another five days of unremitting tedium.

Thing that gets me about some of these job web sites is that they are so hard to search. You get this tiny wee boxes with huge lists in to scroll through, half the time you can’t pick multiple choices, which means doing the same search twice – once for the North West to pick up jobs in Manchester, and another for the North East to find jobs in Leeds and Sheffield (I’ve decided to widen my scope a little – people keep telling me how nice Leeds is and Sheffield’s not so far from my friends in Manchester).

Then you have the keywords. Most sites allow you to use Boolean operands, but when you search for ?content or web or editor or internet?, you come up with no results, then when you search for ?web? on its own, suddenly there are two pages? worth. What’s that all about?

So I end up doing essentially the same search a half dozen times on one site before I finally get bored and move on to the next site and have to go through it all over again.

It really is painful. I’ve been at it two hours, and I’ve had a basinful already. Still, I did find one job that I have the correct experience to do, so that’s? good, I guess. Plus I still have a list of agencies to ring up and hassle, and I have put my CV up on these blasted job sites, just in case.

It’s like having a tooth pulled without anaesthetic.

Although I sincerely hope that actually doesn’t also happen today, as I do have to go to the dentist’s this afternoon for a check up. More tedium. I can guarantee you now that my dentist will patronise me the whole time I’m in his chair, will tell me I’ve not cleaned my teeth just exactly right, and will call me Susan repeatedly.

I will grit my teeth – preferably on his finger – and say nothing, because he’s a good dentist and good dentists are hard to find. Having had various and assorted bits of dental work and even operations on my teeth when I was younger, and a jaw that dislocates at the first hint of chewing, I value good dentists above my sanity.

Which is lucky because by the end of today I expect to have lost all grip on that particular commodity.

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