Is it really any wonder no one likes to use the train?

by Suw on September 13, 2003

I've just checked the cost of train tickets from Bournemouth to Manchester. Nearly 80 quid for a return. It would actually be cheaper to get the train up to London, then get a 'bargain return' to Leeds, and then go over to Manchester from there. Admittedly, it'd take over six and a half hours, but it'd be 30 quid cheaper. Salisbury to Leeds and across would be the same price and marginally quicker. Salisbury to Manchester would be quite a bit quicker – about five hours – but still ?64. I've heard tell of bargain returns from London to Manchester, which could possibly work out at forty quid, once I get a cheap return from Bournemouth to London on top of that, but when I searched on the web site, that option didn't come up at all even though they said it existed on the front page.

Of course, getting these bargain fares is a tricky business, as you have to book several years in advance, and that means knowing what you're doing several years in advance too. I'm never that bloody organised. A standard five day open return is ?175. Ouch.

Oh well, pfft goes my idea of popping up to Manchester for a weekend to suss the place out. And only the little fishes know what I'd do if I actually got an interview up there. Scav like buggery, I suppose.

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