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by Suw on September 9, 2003

I've just searched through 16 recruitment websites. Didn't find a single job that I felt I could (or wanted to) apply for. I'm trying keep my search criteria as broad as possible, but recently I've made some decisions which aren't helping matters but which I would like to stick by. I want to live in the North West, Manchester by preference but I guess it doesn't have to be. I have to earn over a specific amount per year, else I stand no chance of ever paying back what I owe. And I have a strange skill set that doesn't appear to be much in demand.

Not for the first time, I wish I'd paid more attention to programming when I had the chance, because if you've got SAP or Oracle or whatever, there appear to be quite a few jobs kicking about. But no one seems to want a content manager.

A visitor September 9, 2003 at 6:21 pm

Personally, I'm setting my sights on becoming a malcontent manager.

Ken []

Suw September 9, 2003 at 6:31 pm

Ken, I read your blog. You're already halfway there. You just need a few more recruitment 'challenges' and you'll be sorted.

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