Final nails are in position

by Suw on September 2, 2003

Today I started to make arrangements for completely closing the two Get Fluent subscription services. The final nails are all ready to be hammered in and soon I’ll be lowering the Get Fluent coffin into its very own neatly dug six foot hole.

I feel quite sad that it really is all over. My hardest work has come to this – refunds and apologies. No eleventh hour reprieves, no angel investor come to rescue me or it, no sudden flashes of genius to give me new hope. All that’s left once the finances are sorted are formalities, cheques to be sent, accounts to be closed.

It’s true the ghost of Get Fluent will continue to lurk on, in the form of a set of four Welsh language CDs that I’ll be selling in the web shop along with special limited edition merchandise which will, I hope, at least keep the company’s essential expenses paid. If I’m lucky it might even give me a little extra each month to allow me to start to make inroads on my now enormous personal debt. But I’m not kidding myself, it’s never going to feed or clothe me.

Bye bye, Get Fluent. You were fun whilst you lasted. But as Elliott Smith once said, ?A happy day, and then you pay?. In this case, possibly for the next twenty years.

Sam Kuntz September 2, 2003 at 4:01 pm


I am sad that I didn't know about your Get Fluent series until it went bottoms up. Let me know when the Welsh CD's are available.

Best wishes. Maybe a new endeavor lurkens out there somewhere?


Suw September 2, 2003 at 6:36 pm

Thanks Sam. Keep your eye out – I'll be emailing out to all lists when the CDs are ready to rock and roll. 😉

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