Oh, what fun, what fun

by Suw on September 1, 2003

Seems the landlord's going to stiff me for my deposit. Great. I could have done with that money, but apparently the house isn't clean enough and the garden not gardeny enough. I did the best I could, but these days it seems my best is pathetically not good enough.

So, pfft goes any little weekend trips anywhere for me that that money might have paid for.

I was wondering earlier why I feel so shit today, so godawfully miserable. I mean, worst is over, right? Business all but gone, packing and moving completed, life about to move on to a new phase. But I still have the task of dealing with my creditors, the finding of a job (no joy this morning), and now it's time to tune in to Fun With Landlords.

I want to be somewhere else. Someone else. Just for a little bit.

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