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by Suw on April 19, 2003

Well, my work ethic has come back to haunt me. Here I am, sitting in my parents’ lounge, looking out on a gloriously sunny spring afternoon, with a heap of work to do (despite the fact that it’s a bank holiday and frankly I shouldn’t be doing anything) but absolutely no inclination to do it at all. I made a half hearted start on the indexing of the Get Fluent worksheets so far, then went for a walk round the garden instead.
As usual, Fflwff has located the highest defensible position in the house – on top of the wardrobe in the spare room – and is ready to see off all comers. In practice, this usually just means me. Cleo and Rossy, my parents' cats, never actually look up so the chances are that the entire weekend will pass without them realising that Fflwff is even here. I’ll feed her on top of the wardrobe, and she’ll pop down in the middle of the night to make use of the kitty litter, and then it’ll be time to go home.*
Cleo, however, is treating me with a great deal of suspicion, as she always does. We have already played games of Cat and Human, which is like Cat and Mouse except the aim is for the Human to hug the Cat, despite the Cat’s wish to be left alone to watch with interest the small brown birds frequenting the all-you-can-eat peanut buffet. I got my hug, but at the price of two small puncture wounds and a very pissed-off cat.
Latest web thing is the Honda ‘Cog’ advert, (via Neil Gaiman's blog) which was shot in one go, on the 606th take. There’s been much discussion about how they managed it on SA. Consensus is (i.e. my dad said) that the bit with the wheels going up the slope was done using weights and small motors within the wheel. Still however it was done, it’s viral marketing at it’s best. (Although I hasten to add that this ad had done nothing to persuade me to buy a car, let a lone a Honda. Frankly, I’m still far too terrified of driving to even think about buying a car.)
*Due to Fflwff's last moment relocation to the office and the fact that whenever possible Cleo prefers to hide under the desk that Fflwff likes to sit on, it has now become abundantly clear that Cleo and Fflwff are very much aware of each other's presence. In fact, I was starting to worry that Fflwff had not only sprung a leak but was in danger of depressurising completely, the amount of hissing she was doing.
[Ed. 11 Jun 04: Shit. A post about cats. Shoot me now, please, for my own sake…]

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