Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Twice in two days

by Suw on April 9, 2003

Well, would you look at that? Two posts in two days – quite a miracle don’t you think?
Ah, I feel like crawling into a crevice and staying there for a couple of years, after today’s exhausting excitement. I’m trying to locate some additional funds for my business, so today I met with a new Business Link advisor to see if they could do anything for me. That was a 9.15 meeting, so that meant actually leaving the house before 9am.
Now, normally I’m up some time between 7 and 8, and my 30 second commute to the lounge means that i’m at my desk well before 9. However, this does not mean I’m awake any time before midday. I’m not good with that breakfast thing, and I’m not good with any kind of movement or thought much before, oh about 5pm.
So having to actually leave the house and be intelligent (or faking intelligence anyway) that early was a strain. But the meeting went well, the advisor was impressed by my enthusiasm and my grasp of the issues at hand. Apparently. So fingers crossed someone comes up with the readies soon.
I made up for all that effort though. I bought myself a copy of Ride with the Devil, Ang Lee’s American civil war flick featuring, oh, I wonder who… might it be Mr Maguire? Oh, what a coincidence! I was talking to Nic (who runs a Welsh blog, MorfaBlog) on the phone on Tuesday and he recommended it. So I’m blaming him.
I also bought myself a copy of, wait for it… no, don’t laugh… Behind the Mask of Spider-Man. I said don’t laugh! I was actually in Waterstones looking for scripts to buy, but they had a pitiful selection. My eyes lit upon this instead, and the beautiful CGI Spider-Man on the cover, and it was a ‘have to have’ moment. I may even read it one day.
Flicking through it in the book shop, I did notice, however, one telling difference between the photos of stuntman Chris Daniels as Spider-Man, and the CGI created Spider-Man in the same scene, was the much larger thighs and genital region of the CGI Spidey. No really – it jumps out at you from the page. (That’s p. 155 in case you happen to be anywhere near a copy.)
Now, it’s long been the case that CGI women have bigger breasts and smaller waists than flesh-and-blood women – a quick glance at the history of Lara Croft demonstrates that only too well. Poor lass can’t stand up in a strong wind. But I’ve never noticed it so much in CGI men. It is, though, astoundingly noticeable in these two photos. I’m not sure what it says about the guy (and it’s not an unreasonable assumption that it was a guy responsible) that actually did this. Maybe he had some sort of wish-fulfilment thing going on.
I have to admit, though, that this is going to have me scrutinising Tobey’s crotch throughout my next viewing of Spider-Man. Purely for research purposes, obviously.
Finally, the stakes have been raised on this blog now. I’ve told people about it. Previously this was just me, ranting quietly to myself in the corner of the virtual kitchen, glowering at anyone who tried to come near the fridge and playing with the cat. Now there are real people visiting this. And I know that to be true because some have passed comment.
Then next stage will be to actually email all my pals/family whom I owe emails, and see if i can’t palm a blog off on them instead.
Er, does this mean I can’t say fuck anymore?
PS. MS Word can’t spell ‘fridge’. How fucking weird is that?

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