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by Suw on April 14, 2003

Today has been one of those days. I woke at 12.45am with this amazingly loud ringing in my left ear, as if a tuning fork had suddenly materialised in my Eustachian tube. Two hours of laying there trying to back to sleep later and I figured out that I may as well get up and do something useful. So I spent a happy hour or so typesetting until my eyelids were resting on the keyboard. I got back to bed about 3.45am ish.
Hence today has been a vacant day. Mondays are bad at the best of times, just because of the way my week works. Mondays I write the Welsh language worksheet that’s to go out the following week to Get Fluent! subscribers. Sometimes they come out easily, sometimes I find that I would rather be retching my guts up into toilet bowl than be sat in front of this computer writing grammar exercises and reading comprehensions.
Today, I would rather have gnawed my own leg off than try to tackle writing a worksheet. I think I actually spent more time reading Neil Gaiman’s blog and playing on Sweet Addy than I did doing any actual work. I think I got maybe a third of the worksheet done, which pisses me off mightily, because I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday working in order that today I might gain some ground and therefore be able to take tomorrow off. Well, I shouldn’t have bothered because any time I made up yesterday I lost today.
Which means tomorrow morning, the first thing I have to do, after I’ve opened the alluringly mysterious CD-sized packages that have lit upon my doormat over the last few days, is finish that damn worksheet.

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