The dark sigil Odegra and Thoth

by Suw on April 13, 2003

I've just got off the phone to my friend Natalie in Portland Oregon who, I was reminded, once gave a small tin-foil statuette of the god Thoth to Neil Gaiman. This fact has always made me slightly envious as I have never given anything to Neil Gaiman. I have a signed copy of Mr Punch, though, and the memory of a day some time in the mid 90s when my friend Kathleen, a multi-lingual American with whom I worked, went for lunch with Neil and artist Dave McKean. Another green moment.
So I looked Neil up on the net and found his blog. It’s kind of strange to think of Neil blogging, because for some reason one expects a successful author to do anything else in his spare time but write. However, I’m glad that he does, because this is going to be another one of my daily destinations and high on my list of displacement activities.
How generous the world is when it comes to providing me with ways to put off til next week tasks which, otherwise, I’d only be able to put off til tomorrow.

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