by Suw on April 10, 2003

Just spent 90 minutes (yup, 90 – count 'em) on the phone to NTL to sort out my NTL email account. The cable modem goes like shit off a shovel, but the email and free web space just weren't playing ball at all. It seems that my account was so badly shagged that the guy on the other end of the phone had to remove and reset it all three times before we got it fixed. Good job that I was actually looking for a bout of displacement activity to save me from actually having to think this afternoon.
All that now done, I can add an email address to my template so if you want to hassle me and tell me how interesting I am, you can. Plus I can finally move stuff over to my personal web space and get it off blogspot. Not that there's anything wrong with blogspot, but you know, I like to have all my ducks in their own pen.

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