C17: Day 124 – Inspirational Ouroboros

May 4, 2017

I started blogging in 2002, tentatively at first, and then with increasing enthusiasm. There was something very liberating about writing a blog, one that people read and commented on. A group of us bloggers met up, and became friends, and I still know almost all of them to this day. But somewhere in the melee of work […]

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C17: Day 123 – Sorry, Grabbity

May 3, 2017

Last summer, we noticed that Grabbity was having a problem with her waterworks. She was peeing blood, peeing outside the box, washing herself a lot and had little to no control over the bladder. We whipped her off to the vet, who did a urine analysis and discovered she had a slight infection and crystals […]

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C17: Day 122 – What Teen Vogue taught me

May 2, 2017

If Teen Vogue has taught me anything, it’s that girls and women can care about politics and having nice nails. Enjoying dying your hair or fashion or having nice nails is not a sign of intellectual poverty, it’s a sign of being a normal human being. Now, last year, for Ada Lovelace Day, I wanted […]

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C17: Day 121 – How disc-binding made me want to write again

May 1, 2017

April was a quiet month on the blog, because my creative task for the month was to work on my novel and thus was not for daily blogging. And what a productive month it was: I reorganised my notes completely, using a disc binder system which allows me to remove and add pages, and my ideas just […]

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C17: April (Days 90-120) – World-building and novel planning

April 2, 2017

Yesterday, I decided that this month’s creative act would be to learn napkin folding. Unfortunately for me, all of our napkins are rectangular and thus unsuitable for folding techniques that rely on a square napkin. I have taken this as a sign that this month I ought to do something else, and that other thing […]

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C17: Day 90 – Peekaboo

March 31, 2017

Peeking kittehs! This is the last day of cat pictures, and I confess I’ve had a glass or two of wine and these probably aren’t my best. Overall, I’ve enjoyed this month, especially once I let myself draw from reference pictures when the cats were not playing along. I did have a bit of a […]

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C17: Day 89 – Stalking and pouncing

March 30, 2017

Google Images is great! Bottom cat is a wee bit elongated though. I know that part of the point if this exercise was to draw from life, but the last few days I’ve not had quite the amount of time to devote to it, but still there’s much to learn just from drawing from photos.

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C17: Day 88 – Moar jumpz

March 29, 2017

Because Google Images is easier and more interesting than sleeping moggies.

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C17: Day 87 – Run, run, run

March 28, 2017

More from Google Images. The last cat looks a bit goofy, but I swear that it really looked like that in the photo!  

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C17: Day 86 – More leaping

March 27, 2017

I rather liked the kitties in motion yesterday, so took a look at Google Images for inspiration.

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March 26, 2017

Warning: This post is going to be just chock full of spoilers, so if you haven’t watched all three series, go do that and then read on! The last couple of weeks, I’ve been watching and re-watching (and re-re-watching) Shetland, the crime drama based on books by Ann Cleeves. It is a truly astonishing piece […]

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C17: Day 85 – Leaping and sleeping

March 26, 2017

Working off photos again today, from when Grabbity and Mewton were younger and slimmer and had bigger ears, proportionally speaking. Present me is, though, starting to wish that past me had specified “One creative thing five days a week” rather than daily, because there are moments when this starts to feel like a chore. I’m […]

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C17: Days 83/84 – Fflwff and kitten Grabbity

March 25, 2017

Took a day off yesterday, so have done double duty today. Cats were uncooperative so worked off photos instead of Fflwff and of a two-week old Grabbity!

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C17: Day 82 – Floof!

March 23, 2017

Bit of a mixed bag today. You might spot that the top kitteh today is not Mewton or Grabbity, he’s just a bit too floofy for that! He is, in fact, Emo, one of their brothers, who is basically just made of fur and dribble. Obviously this is from a photo, but it’s not too […]

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C17: Day 81 – Lickety spit!

March 22, 2017

Grabbity, covering herself in cat spit. I think I am getting a bit better at these quick sketches.

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