Trio unwaith eto

by Suw on January 18, 2005

Dw i jyst eisiau gwybod sut i greu podcast. Wedyn dw i'n gallu anghofio yn hollol am y peth.

Audioblog and Saturday's shoot

by Suw on August 16, 2004

Expect an audioblog post as and when, oh, and the shoot was a real laugh. (And yes, I know it's Random Acts, not 'bites'. My bad.)

Scrape… Scrape… Scrape…

(Note: If you can't see the audioblog player in FireFox, try it in IE.)

Be' i wneud?

by Suw on August 8, 2004

Be' i wneud efo'r blogosffer Cyrmaeg? Sori am manglo'r iaith.

Call for toe-licking ban (Thanks Kate)

Audioblogging, film making and stuff

by Suw on August 7, 2004

In which I discuss mainly Saturday's impending shoot for the film Nothing Travels Faster Than Bad News.

A week of audioblogging

by Suw on August 6, 2004

I've decided to only audioblog for the next week. Gah. We may all live to regret this.

Nothing to hear here, please move along

by Suw on August 6, 2004

No, really.