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I should have blogged this weeks ago

by Suw on June 7, 2007

It's not so fresh now, for which I apologise, but there are two episodes of Fresh Lime Soda that you might not have seen if you haven't subscribed to our RSS feed over there.
The first is a podcast on dictation, multitasking and focus.
The second is this discussion about giving presentations:

No idea when we are going to have a moment to record another one, but I suspect it will be when we're both in San Francisco later this month.

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Finally and at last, Steph and I have managed to get our latest episode of Fresh Lime Soda: the one where everything is related… not least dictation, guilt, and shitty first drafts. No really, it'll all make sense if you listen.
You can, if you like, grab the MP3 (12mb, 35min) or there's an embedded player over on the FLS site.
Enjoy our podcast. If that's not an oxymoron.

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The video episode

by Suw on May 11, 2007

So a while back, Steph and I did this video episode of our podcast, Fresh Lime Soda, but the video was too long for YouTube so Steph hosted it for download only. Well, we recently stumbled across the really quite fab Viddler, so now for your delight and delectation I can present to you our first video episode!

You can leave comments that are tied to the timeline, which is really neat, so please do feel free to comment all you like!

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Fresh Lime Soda: The Video Episode

by Suw on April 15, 2007

So whilst Steph was staying with Kevin and me last week, she and I decided to record an episode of our podcast, Fresh Lime Soda. Of course, being in the same physical location allowed us to do something we can't normally do – mess about with Photobooth, and use iMovie to record a video podcast. It's only 22 minutes long, but that's sadly too long for YouTube, so in order to watch I recommend you download the episode from our blog. Of course, I can't guarantee that you'll find it in any way entertaining or informative, so any watching you do will be entirely at your own risk.
Oh, and the ending was entirely Steph's idea. Just want to make that clear from the off.

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Introducing Fresh Lime Soda

by Suw on March 22, 2007

As you might have noticed, Stephanie Booth and I have been doing a sporadic podcast, managing to produce an episode roughly once a month. Well, we're happy to announce that we've now both got a name and a new domain for it: Fresh Lime Soda. There you'll find the show notes and you can listen to (or download) the podcast itself. We've done three episodes so far:

Steph has also set up a FeedBurner RSS/atom feed, or you can subscribe through iTunes. Let us know what you think!

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It's been a while since our last podcast, but here's the latest episode from Steph and me. Thanks to Steph for the shownotes and links. Let us know if you enjoy it!

  • conferences: LIFT and Freedom of Expression
  • not everybody has the internet – other cultures use mobile phones (e.g. Nigeria)
  • technology overload at LIFT
  • note-taking on a computer: expected in some contexts, but feels really out-of-place in others
  • do we end up publishing our handwritten notes? trade-offs: handwritten and rewriting vs. direct blogging (Steph's very useful workshop notes)
  • scanning vs. photographing written material, document management and shredding
  • GTD status update (inbox zero)
  • FOWA coming up and other fun London stuff
  • Wedding 2.0 will be blogged on CnV, but will there be a webcast?
  • technology as a way to stretch our Dunbar number, wedding 2.0 with IRC backchannel and crackberries galore (note: this is entirely hypothetical!)
  • the Wedding Industrial Complex, trying to find an affordable venue in Dorset; IRC or SL would be cheaper, but is SL a registered venue?
  • physical words for virtual places
  • gap between us heavy users, and people who get a few e-mails a day, book holidays online and that's it
  • exploring how new tools could help us most people aren't curious about new stuff
  • winning over new users: finding holes in people's work processes and figuring out how to fix them
  • Steph loves Facebook, I'm not so keen to join new social networks
  • LinkedIn for business
  • Facebook as a mashup to keep up with what your friends are upto, but isn't that what blogs are for?
  • profile multiplication, tools need to talk to each other (holes in buckets)

If you liked that, and lord knows I'm not going to assume you do, you can also listen to episode 1.

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If you prefer, here's a direct link to the 14Mb mp3 file.

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The podcast with no name, part 1

by Suw on January 23, 2007

Stephanie Booth and I decided ages ago to do a podcast, just to talk about this, that and the other. It's taken us a while to get our act together, but eventually, last week, we turned on Skype and Call Recorder and we just, well, had a chat.
This is roughly what we talked about:

  • San Francisco, web geek paradise
  • City sizes (see this London-SF superimposition map)
  • Segways
  • The cat/geek Venn diagram (Twitter error message)
  • I really want a Wii
  • IRC screen names
  • The difficulties of pronouncing S-u-w
  • When geeks name children: A unique identifier or anonymity?
  • Stalkers and geoinformation
  • Perceptions of security
  • Giving out your phone number and address, and personal boundaries
  • Airport security (background)
  • Risk and expectations of risk
  • Naming our podcast… something about blondes, apparently
  • Clueless marketeering from the Fabric nightclub in London
  • The repercussions of having a blog that people think is influential (even if you don't think it is)

Download the 16mb MP3. Read Steph's blog post about it.
So there we are. Not the slickest podcast around, but then, I don't like slick. What's the point of making a podcast sound like a radio show? We might look for some sort of intro/outro music but I've no interest in trying to be too polished.
We'll probably do a podcast every fortnight or so. What we'll talk about I don't know – I rather like keeping it flexible, so we can talk about whatever comes to mind without thinking 'Oh, that's not on-topic!'. Whether I'll continue to post them here, or on Strange Attractor also remains to be seen. I currently can't post anything to Corante anyway, because they are having significant problems with their installation of Movable Type (which should be renamed Immovable Shite, frankly. Six Apart should be ashamed of themselves.).
Anyway, enjoy! And let us know what you think.

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