Second Life

Who's in Second Life?

by Suw on September 6, 2006

I joined Second Life a few months ago, but my iBook couldn't handle running the client. I could only take three steps and then I'd have to wait for the client to catch up. Now I'm on a faster machine (which is a way of saying I bought a MacBook), it runs like a dream. I'm determined to spend time in Second Life each day so that I can become proficient in doing stuff and, potentially, earn Linden Dollars (not to mention real ones) from doing interesting things there.
It's a lot more fun, though, to be there when you're there with someone you know. So fess up, y'all. Who's in Second Life? I'm TiddlesMcNubbin Goodnight… for the moment at least. I may get a new avatar with a slightly less silly name. But if you're in the game, let me know.
Oh, and thank you to everyone who emailed me to tell me that Duran Duran are going to be playing a gig in Second Life at some point. Suzanne Vega's already done a performance that was streamed into Second Life (note: the video of the making of her Second Life guitar on that page is amazing), and Duran are going to follow suit with a proper gig. It'll be really fun to see how closely their avatars look like them, and to see how well it is attended. I would guess that Second Life would have the perfect demographic for Durannies, and it seems like an environment that would suit them well. So I can't wait!

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