ORGCon: A day of digital rights on July 24

by Suw on June 24, 2010

If you’re interested in digital rights, copyright and digital activism, you really need to grab a ticket to ORGCon on Saturday July 24 at City University. The schedule is really starting to shape up, with keynotes and panels from Jamie Boyle, Cory Doctorow, and Tom Watson.

Tickets prices are:

  • Free if you join the Open Rights Group on the day
  • £5 for existing supporters
  • £10 for the general public

More details:

We’ll have training sessions about how to lobby your MP and more volunteer workshops. There’ll also be discussions on the state of UK politics after #GE2010 and why this is a key moment to push harder for reform on digital issues from surveillance to copyright to DRM. The keynote speaker will be James Boyle, a founder of the modern movement to recognize, protect, and grow the intellectual commons.

Sessions will include

* James Boyle on the future of copyright, in London especially for this talk
* Thriving in the Real Digital Economy: Cory Doctorow talks and then chairs a panel of artists.
* Digital Economy Act: What’s Next? (Tom Watson, Eric Joyce, Julian Huppert)
* What is the ‘Right to Data’? (Heather Brooke, Rufus Pollock)
* Opening up the Data Protection Directive: Can of Worms or Opportunity (Privacy International)
* Dismantling the Database State (NO2ID, ARCH, Big Brother Watch)
* Theft! A History of Music (Jennifer Jenkins)
* ACTA: A Shady Business (La Quadrature du Net, Becky Hogge)

I will be there, slightly jetlagged as I get back from my holiday in the US the day before, running a session on a new project, ORGZine. I was slightly jetlagged at OpenTech05, the event at which the Open Rights Group was formed, so I will need someone to make sure I don’t accidentally volunteer to start an NGO again…
So, head over to Eventbrite now and get your ticket before they all sell out!

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