Unpacking my first Graze box

by Suw on January 20, 2010

I’ve just joined Graze, a service that mails you a box of fruit, nuts and other goodies for the princely sum of £2.99 per box (P&P included). A friend of mine suggested it the other day and I was so curious I signed up there and then. My first box came yesterday, and this is my unboxing video (I fuzzed out a few bits because I forgot to hide my address. Duh!):

If you would like to try Graze, you can get your first box free and the second half price if you sign up with this code: CVDK8FP. There’s no limit to how often that code can be used, so knock yourselves out.

Overall, I was delighted with my Graze box. The fruit and nuts were very fresh and very high quality. More than once I’ve bought nuts from supermarkets only to find that they have already gone rancid and bitter, and it’s always a disappointment. My Graze box was so yummy that I forgot it was called “graze” and not, say, “hoover” or “bolt”. Ahem.

From a value point of view, yes, I probably could buy all the constituent bits cheaper, but the point is that I don’t. And if I do, I forget to eat them. Nothing like that’s going to happen with Graze because it’s just so easy: It totally ticks the ‘lazy’ box!

I’m also relying on it to replace my mid-afternoon trip to the corner shop to buy Coke and a Wispa. Whilst I’m still spending money on Graze, I am not going to spend money on empty calories that taste nice but don’t do me any good at all. As that’s a decision based on economy, health and want, I’m hoping I’ll stick to it this time.

My next box comes tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Chris Mear January 20, 2010 at 2:40 pm

I had a trial box too a while back, and while it’s good food I was bit dismayed by the sheer amount of packaging involved. Not that I can think of a way to improve it much given the goal of shipping four small separate portions of fruit/nuts, of course. But it was enough to embarrass me into not buying any more.

Suw January 20, 2010 at 2:49 pm

I didn’t mind the packaging too much as it’s all recyclable, made from sustainable sources, biodegradable and some of it is even already recycled. I can’t see how else one would do it.

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