Testing out my new Wacom graphics tablet

by Suw on June 11, 2009

Last week 1 decided to buy a Wacom Bamboo fun graphics tablet, Partly to see if its would make a better way of getting around my Mae rather than my track pad, and partly to see what the handwriting recognition is like. 1 have to say that the built in Mac software – Ink – is utter pantsThe Wacom software, Scribe, is a bit better but its not as good or as fluid as I ward have liked.As you can see, there are quit . a few errors, and some problems with spacing and punctuation. Call this is being written with the WACOWD -I notice it doesn’t like brackets either.

Ah well, I’ve only had it a couple of hours so it will take time to get used & it even if it hates my scary good -that should be scrawly joined – up writing.It would appear that the state of handwriting recognition on the Mac is parlous, With Vista beating it hands-down . 1 have to admit that makes me rather Sad. Given how many desegregationist mongolisms -Wow, that WAS Supposed to be ‘designers’! – prefer macs, I’m surprised.

ACW June 12, 2009 at 9:02 pm

Wait, it turned the single word “designers” into “desegregationist mongolisms”? That’s pretty impressive.

Suw June 14, 2009 at 9:04 am

Ha ha ha, yeah, it is rather! I’m already more used to the way that I have to write to get it to more accurately recognise things, but it does sometimes still wig out in unexpected ways. It also rather shows how often I have to go back to add in a letter afterwards, e.g. missing the ‘i’ out of ‘like’ and then having to go and insert it in the right place afterwards. But it’s lots of fun, and I’m already converted to the idea of using the pen instead of a trackpad or mouse. It’s just so much easier!

Emily June 22, 2009 at 9:31 am

It is rather sad, isn’t it? However, with TabletPCs being quite widely used in some critical areas (mostly healthcare and insurance), it’s natural that Microsoft will have done a lot more to clean up the handwriting recognition in Windows. I don’t think we’ll see a properly working handwriting recognition system for Mac until there’s the same requirement to get it right.

I, too, rather enjoy my graphics tablet but gave up writing on it since it’s just too much trouble. Using it instead of the mouse is rather addictive, however, and I find myself missing it terribly when I’m on the road or, even worse, using my work PC (a Dell… Help!!!)

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