Back from Herstmonceux

by Suw on August 26, 2008

It was a wet and windy weekend down in East Sussex, but we had (mainly) a fun time despite the rain. I learnt that Herstmonceux is pronounced hurst-mon-SOO, not hurst-mon-SO, as I’d been saying it. The Craft Tent was right by the Jousting Arena, and my head kept jerking up every time I caught the commentator saying the -ceux bit!

Indeed, the Skill at Arms stuff, which is basically people doing impressive things on horseback, such as skewering a small bit of cardboard sticking out of the ground or slicing a hanging orange in half with a sword whilst at full gallop, was really impressive. I didn’t get to see much jousting, nor did I see the siege, but the big staged battle was fun.

There were lots and lots of stalls, and I managed to get a nice belt pouch to go with my costume, and I lusted after a lot of other things – including a nice cloak – but restrained myself! Unfortunately, I think everyone else was being equally as restrained, as I hardly sold any necklaces at all. That means that I have about 40 pieces which will be going up online here for your delight, delectation, and purchase!

Please bear with me as I expand this site. It’s kind of hard to find the time to spend on it at the moment, but I’ll get lots more info up as soon as I can.

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