Good reasons to join ORG

by Suw on August 2, 2008

Here’s the deal – if you join the Open Rights Group, and send your confirmation code to Danny O’Brien, he has said he will produce:

  • A daily blog post for another month (worth five ORG memberships) [He’s now up to 2 months – let’s see if we can make it 3]
  • A special one-off issue of NTK (five ORG memberships)
  • A special podcast issue of NTK (five ORG memberships)
  • What I really think of Andrew Orlowski (five ORG memberships, even though I know I should probably price this one higher) [He’s taken this off the list as he says it’s bound to happen sooner or later anyway.]
  • A mini-version of Life Hacks, the book he nearly wrote with Merlin Man (ten ORG memberships)

Alternatively, if you send me your ORG confirmation codes, and I get five of them, I’ll blog here every day for a month too (apart from the time we’re on holiday!).

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