For sale: Six lovely necklaces

by Suw on June 21, 2008

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been making jewellery, ever since the preparations for my wedding exposed me to the jewellery making bug. My friend Kate (who’s busy finishing up her degree and therefore hasn’t blogged in, oh, eight months) and I are off to Herstmonceux in August, and I promised to make 30 necklaces in a roughly renaissance style. I found a great gallery of portraits and have been basing my designs on some of the jewellery depicted in those paintings. Some of the necklace names reflect the portrait from which I drew inspiration. Some don’t.

I’ve now made more than 30 necklaces, and am starting to run out of raw materials, so it’s time to sell some to fund my habit! Rather than use Etsy, which is set up for American sellers, or eBay, which mostly lists stuff at such low prices that I wonder if they fell off the back of a lorry, I’m just going to list the necklaces here, with PayPal buttons. That’s the option that most of the people who have completed my survey so far have said they prefer. (Please do pop over and spend a minute or two filling my survey in, as its really useful for me to know what people like, rather than base everything on assumptions.)

I have two necklaces in this style, based on the painting, The Presentation in the Temple by Hans Memling c. 1463.


Dark grey 6mm glass pearls with silver fixings, roughly 16 inches (41 cm), with a toggle clasp (bar and hoop). £18.00.



Ivory 4mm glass pearls with gold fixings, roughly 16.5 inches (42cm), with a toggle clasp. £16.50.


I also have these available in silver/light grey & gold/champagne in different lengths. Email me if you want more details, or want me to custom make for you.

This necklace is based on the painting of Isabel of Portugal by Rogier van der Weyden from the mid 1400s.


Light grey 10mm glass pearls with silver fixings, roughly 16.5 inches (42cm), with a toggle clasp. £14.50.


Also available in ivory and champagne.

Based on the portrait of Maria de ‘Medici by Agnolo Bronzino from 1551.


Ivory 6mm glass pearls with silver fixings, roughly 17 inches (43cm), with a toggle clasp. £15.00.


Also available with smaller ivory pearls.

Half Anne
Based on the portrait of Queen Anne of Denmark by Marc Gheeraerts the younger, c. 1600, but with one string (the lower) of pearl instead of two. I also do the two-string version if you’re interested.

Half Anne

Ivory 6mm glass pearls with silver fixings, 17 inches (43cm), with a toggle clasp. £17.00.

Also available in other colours.

Inspired by a necklace I saw at the British Museum, this champagne 6mm glass pearl necklace features tiny metal beads between the pearls.


Champagne 6mm glass pearls with silver fixings, roughly 15″ (38 cm), with a toggle clasp. £14.50.

Also available in light grey, dark grey, ivory and white.

And lots more
I’ve got lots more up on Flickr, so if you fancy buying any of them, or if you want something made in a specific colour or to a custom length, please just email me.

All necklaces are made of the highest quality glass pearls I can find, but you must look after them carefully – they should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Do not ever spray perfume, hairspray or other solvents onto them, as you’ll take off the shine. Mum put her wedding pearls on and then liberally sprayed perfume all over them, which took off the pearl coating completely and covered her skin with pearly blobs, so don’t make that mistake! To clean them, polish with a soft cloth.

Fixings (clasps, wire, rings, etc.) are generally plated silver or gold. When necklaces are threaded, they use Beadalon stringing wire which is nigh on indestructible as far as I can see, and which won’t stretch. All necklaces will be sent out in simple packaging, i.e. no presentation boxes. If you want to make a gift of the necklace, please let me know and I will go out and get a presentation box for you.

If you ever have a problem with your necklace, email me and I’ll give you an address to send them back to. I will mend or replace them free of charge.

James Cox June 21, 2008 at 5:01 pm


these are really lovely. 🙂

bbm June 22, 2008 at 7:48 pm

Lovely Suw, and you have just enough time to grab a diary page, till the end of the month to design it, and it could generate some more interest in your necklaces…

Chris Mear June 23, 2008 at 1:03 am

This, frankly, makes me wish I could wear necklaces.

Sara Hardin June 23, 2008 at 5:23 pm

I love your pearl designs. They are really lovely. 🙂

Sara Hardin
Soft Flex Company

coldcolimate July 3, 2008 at 9:24 am

Recieved with thanks – really really pretty. Interesting that they sold top down though isn’ it?

Suw July 3, 2008 at 10:21 am

I am glad you like it, ColdClimate!! Do let me have a photo when you can!

The necklaces sold in order: Isobel, Ivory Memling, Medici, Grey Memling. I’m interested to see that the more period necklaces went first, and a little disappointed that the two strung necklaces haven’t gone yet as they are a lot of fun and very easy to make! I was hoping they would go quickly. Oh well, I may try them on Etsy and see how they do there.

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