Motivation – what is that exactly?

by Suw on June 19, 2002

Well, today is turning into a disaster day. Not because anything in particular has gone wrong. Far from it, as nothing much has happened today to go wrong. But today is still a bad day for me. I work for myself, and when I should be working on a grant proposal (involves obtaining large sums of money, therefore very important) I find myself instead sucked in to the world of Heartless Bitches International. Instead of boring the pants of myself by yet again writing letters saying why my project deserves funding, I have instead spent most of today chortling quietly at the rants against Nice Guys (i.e. insecure pricks who blame their crap love life on everyone but the person to blame – themselves – then claim that women don’t like nice guys). If you have something really important to do today, then I recommend visiting HBI just so that I’ll know that I’m not the only one who’s going to hit 5pm with a large feeling of guilt having wasted too much time.

But of course, HBI isn’t the only way I waste my time during this critical grant-application period. Oh no. Blogging is taking over my life. You know how it is – you start off wanting to get one little thing off your chest (or where-ever else you keep it) and you end up an hour later with a 59 page dissertation on the state of the world, your life, and those prats that drive large noisy boats past my house at 6am without turning their fucking engines off. Wankers.

Ok, maybe that last point is just mine, but you get the gist.

But when it’s 6am on a Sunday morning, I really do get the urge to launch some sort of large, pointy missile at the noisy, arrogant, selfish gits. Sadly, the urge to go back to sleep is somewhat more powerful.
And talking of sleep, I did it again last night. I laid there in bed, drifting into that blissfully interesting hypnogogic state, and wrote this whole blog, my grant proposal, and the first two chapters of a would-be best seller chick lit hit. Then I fell properly asleep and the whole lot went. Every last word. So much so that I can’t even remember what it was that I was going to rant about today. Arse.

Right… there’s no footy today, so no excuse. I’ll just have lunch, then pop round to the shops, then I’ll read one more rant on HBI, then I’ll really get right down to work. Honest. No, I will. Promise… Hmm, I do have a few emails to reply to, and then I’ll get back to work. Oh, and last night’s washing up…

Anonymous July 9, 2007 at 3:04 pm

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