Elizabeth of Bohemia

Elizabeth Stuart of Scotland, also known as Elizabeth of Bohemia, was born on 19 August 1596 and died on 13 February 1662. She was the eldest daughter of James VI of Scots, I of England and Ireland, (his Queen Consort was Anne of Denmark).

In Robert Peake’s portrait, ‘Princess Elizabeth (Elizabeth of Bohemia, The Winter Queen)‘, she is seen wearing a pearl and possibly ruby necklace with a ruby teardrop pendant. The portrait was painted in 1603, when she was just seven, and only a few months after her namesake, Queen Elizabeth I, died.

Princess Elizabeth (Elizabeth of Bohemia, The Winter Queen)

It’s hard to see the detail of the necklace in the portrait, so my version is quite a liberal interpretation, based on three strings of glass pearls with Swarovski crystals barring the strands. I like the look of the red crystals with the ivory or champagne pearls, so have been a little more liberal with them than the original would indicate.

Princes Elizabeth of Bohemia (1603) long